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Cannabis addiction

Our cannabis addiction recovery program at The Online Rehab offers personalised support and evidence-based treatments to help individuals break free from cannabis dependency and rediscover balance in their lives. With a dedicated team and a focus on lasting recovery, we provide the pathway to a healthier future. Start your journey towards freedom from cannabis addiction with us at The Online Rehab.

Understanding cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction (marijuana addiction) involves a dependence on marijuana or cannabis products, characterised by compulsive use and difficulty controlling consumption. This dependency can have physical, psychological, and social consequences.

Factors contributing to cannabis addiction include genetic predisposition, environmental influences, and underlying mental health conditions. Recognising the signs and symptoms, such as increased tolerance and neglect of responsibilities, is crucial for seeking appropriate treatment.

At The Online Rehab, our specialised program provides comprehensive support, personalised care, and evidence-based therapies to help individuals overcome cannabis addiction and regain control of their lives.

Our team is always on hand to offer you support no matter the time or day.

Signs & symptoms of cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction is characterised by compulsive use and dependence on marijuana or cannabis products. Being aware of the signs and symptoms is essential for early detection and intervention. Common signs and early withdrawal symptoms of cannabis addiction include:

Increased tolerance

Withdrawal symptoms

Neglecting responsibilities

Persistent desire to use

Loss of interest

Negative consequences

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